Pyrrha Malouf

Author of Metamassage: How to Massage Your Way to a Beautiful Complexion. Pyrrha was an extraordinary innovator and advocate for women.

My mother was a dedicated advocate for the beauty of women. I never saw her display jealousy or competition toward another woman. When strangers remarked on her beauty, she invariably reflected the compliment back to them with great sincerity. Consequently, women trusted and admired her. It was her greatest joy to witness the lift in a woman's self-esteem after practicing her skin-care technique. I feel very proud to represent Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™. ~Nodiah Brent

Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage

Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage is a facial rejuvenation method created by Pyrrha Malouf, author of Metamassage. The routine consists of simple massage techniques applied to the hands, face, and neck using an organic proprietary cream to gently cleanse, soften, and exfoliate the skin. The result is a noticeable transformation from aging to ageless.

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Nodiah Brent

Pyrrha Malouf’s daughter and Master Instructor of  Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™. Nodiah has taught this method to women of all ages, helping to increase their confidence and enhance their ability to nurture themselves.

Self-care can be approached as a chore or a celebration. Treat every interaction with yourself as a sacred one, offering respect, support, and gratitude to your precious human body.


The Method

Pyrrha’s non-invasive three-step process revitalizes the skin by removing impurities, boosting circulation, and retraining the facial muscles. Pyrrha’s Rose Cleansing Cream is formulated to remain on the surface of the skin, allowing the fingers to glide instead of pull. The conscious, consistent application of your energy is the power that produces results comparable to cosmetic procedures. 


The Results

The visible effects of the technique are smooth, clear, dewy skin; diminishing wrinkles; and improved tone and elasticity of the facial muscles. The drainage of excess fluid from the tissues under the skin creates a sculpted silhouette. Touch-induced reduction of stress hormones, intensified by the presence of numerous pressure points in the face and neck, promotes feelings of well-being.


The Lifestyle

Like any fitness routine, regular practice makes all the difference. For best results, perform the technique 3 to 5 times a week. Co-practices set you up to insure proper form. Count your reps accurately. Always maintain a light touch. Pick a time when you can enjoy the pleasure of the routine in relative peace... What time of day do you think will work for you? 


why three applications per session?

the first application and removal takes care of surface dirt and makeup; the second one softens the top layers of the epidermis; the third one removes the loosened dead skin cells. you will see what looks like dirt on your towel after each removal. this is how you achieve translucency.

my skin feels great after the three applications — are the après facial steps optional?

no, they are mandatory. pyrrha’s rose cleansing cream is designed to stay on the surface of the skin so your fingers can glide during the massage without pulling; therefore any product residue (except under the eyes) must be removed with toner in order to prevent clogged pores. as far as skipping the moisturizers for the under-eye area and the neck, this would be counterproductive. the under-eye area lacks oil glands and the neck has fewer sebaceous glands than the face, plus the skin in these areas tends to be thinner and more vulnerable to sun damage.

routine time?

once you have a few sessions under your belt, the facial massage should take you about twenty minutes. if you’re listening to a relaxing podcast or enjoying a movie, feel free to add reps.

what if i miss a night — can i make it up the next morning?

yes. pyrrha was famous for this, due to her penchant for late-night parties. however, for optimal results, we advise you to perform the routine at night in order to work with the skin’s natural overnight rest and repair cycle.