Pyrrha, age 90 on Mother’s Day 2020

Pyrrha Malouf

In 1983, with the encouragement of Helen Gurley Brown (founder of Cosmopolitan magazine), Pyrrha Malouf turned a series of Cosmo beauty articles into Metamassage, a book about advanced skincare techniques. She had worked in Hollywood as a model and actress in the ’50s and was dismayed by the effects of the improper removal of pancake makeup. 

Pyrrha was determined to find a fix and Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™ was born. The method offered multiple advantages including its  functionality for home use. 

Pyrrha went on to teach celebrities, stay-at-home moms, working women, and even started a program teaching formerly incarcerated males in a halfway house in Dallas; her class was so well-received that the director requested funding for her method to become a permanent part of the programming.

Pyrrha's Metafacial Massage

More on Pyrrha:  Pyrrha-Malouf_In-Loving-Memory.pdf

Nodiah Brent

As Pyrrha’s daughter, I was trained in her technique as an adolescent. Unsurprisingly, I lacked the motivation to perform it. As I grew older, my skin began to age prematurely from years of neglect coupled with high-altitude living sans sunscreen. I panicked and began to practice in earnest—the turnaround was immediate.
What I know now is that this practice goes much deeper than the surface of the skin, helping to heal the wounds, self-inflicted and otherwise, that result from undervaluing ourselves. I, like many women, held myself to unrealistic standards for the usual reason—a misguided attempt to gain acceptance and love. The compassionate self-touch that is integral to this system taught me how to direct that love toward myself on a visceral level.

BIO: Nodiah Brent is a Master Instructor of Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™ and a Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher and workshop facilitator. She has more than thirty years experience and is certified in facial rejuvenation, yoga, gong meditation, and NIA. Nodiah moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1981 to attend the College of Natural Medicine. She went on to study with Hanna Kroeger in Boulder, Colorado, and remains deeply engaged in the world of wellness.

Acknowledging Santa Fe, New Mexico, its history and its people

Tewa Women United is a matriarchal, Native-led organization that addresses every aspect of Native health, including the integral relationship between Natives and the environment. The future of this region depends upon the empowerment of Native Peoples. Contributions to Tewa Women United constitute a meaningful investment in the foundations of Native culture.

Tewa Women United


Acknowledging This Land, People & Story ~ Dr. E Rael-Gálvez

We acknowledge the breath of those that came before us and all of the living animals, on the ground and above it. We acknowledge that this place we now call Santa Fe is still recognized as Oga Po’geh (White Shell Water Place). Thousands of years ago, it was a center place for the communities of Northern and Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos). The living memory and stories told by the people of Taytsúgeh Oweengeh (Tesuque Pueblo) hold profound meaning to this day, revealing that the ancestral site, Oga Po’geh is Taytsúgeh and Taytsúgeh is Oga Po’geh still.


My grandmother Clara, née Azizi, who performed Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™ faithfully.

Cheesecake, oh la la!

Mom in the hairdo that she swore Liz Taylor copied!

Mom and Dad, brown and beautiful.

Mom hanging out with Ravi Shankar and Friends. 

Mom and George Harrison