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B. Davis

The video below demonstrates how to use Pyrrha's Rose Cleansing Cream as a simple nightly cleanser. This is a related but different process than Pyrrha's Metafacial Massage. For those who wear no makeup, apply the cream once and remove it three times. If you wear base makeup, concealer, sunscreen, etc., consider adding a toner/astringent step after the third cream removal. You are welcome to customize these steps. Our product  will benefit you in any application when used regularly, as long as it is removed thoroughly.
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Pyrrha's Rose Cleansing Cream is an organic product. It contains coconut oil to moisturize and support the skin barrier; rose flower water to calm the skin and reduce redness and puffiness; jojoba oil to lock in moisture and plump the cells; glycerin to attract moisture into the skin; vitamin E for skin repair; witch hazel for pore reduction; neem seed oil to heal wounds and maintain pH balance; rosemary leaf extract for its disinfectant and anti-oxidant qualities; and white willow bark extract for mild exfoliation. 

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