Before and After

You will see results the first time you practice Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage. We recommend practicing before bed to align with the body’s natural rest and repair cycle. Twenty-one days of consecutive practice will establish new muscle memory in the face and neck. Then you can switch to practicing 3 to 5 times a week for best results. If you fall off the wagon, get right back on and watch your skin snap back into place!

"As a lover of facial care and self-care, Nodiah’s wholesome and nurturing guidance for Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage Workshop along with the silky and luxurious Pyrrha’s Rose Cleansing Cream are beyond wonderful. Taking care of my skin in this way has become a must-do delight. So much so that, while it’s recommended 3-5 times per week, I cannot help but do some variation of cleansing and massage almost every evening. Results include the smoothing of fine lines, reduction of sun damaged areas and hyperpigmentation, and a deep calming of the intense dehydration acquired from many years of living in a high desert. Anytime the topic of skin care arises in conversation, that’s it … everything I know about this protocol gets talked about, texted, emailed, and shared. I cannot say enough ~ yum yum yum!! "  A. Hackett

Left:  Before  |   Right:  After

Skin Tone

Radiance, Reduced Blemishes and Pore
Size, and Under-Eye Congestion Gone.

After 7 consecutive days of practicing Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage.

Mouth Crease

Muscles Lifted and Skin Smoothed

After 14 consecutive days of non-practice followed by 7 consecutive days of practicing Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage.

Left:  Before  |   Right:  After

Left:  Before  |   Right:  After


Reduced Lines, Muscles Lifted, and Tightened Pores

After 7 consecutive days of practicing Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage.

Overall Skin

Radiance, Reduced Lines, Clean Pores, and Even
Skin Tone

After 7 consecutive days of practicing Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage.

Left:  Before  |   Right:  After



though we cannot offer guarantees, pyrrha successfully treated her own acne and acne scars with her metafacial massage and helped many others with the same condition. for this application, be especially gentle when removing the cream, and be thorough with the après facial toner step.

skin type?

our method is beneficial for every skin type. if you are experiencing eczema, rashes, or any other highly inflammatory condition, check with your dermatologist first. if you have recently received aesthetic procedures or cosmetic surgery, ask your practitioner when to resume pyrrha’s metafacial massage. in all of the above  instances, you can simply perform the “virtual metafacial,” utilizing all of the same movements but without product and without touching the skin...try it—there is magic in your hands, and it works!

can i apply serum after the metafacial massage?

feel free to experiment but in our experience cross-training is the way to go. save your serum for the nights that you are not performing the metafacial; allowing your skin to rest from active ingredients can be a great way to hit the reset button.