Muscle Tone

Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™ is a holistic, feel-good, non-invasive technique that can produce results that are comparable to cosmetic procedures, without downtime. Pyrrha’s method is performed with a proprietary, organic cleansing cream especially formulated for maximum effectiveness for all skin types.

Develop a practice that will uplift you the rest of your life.


Small changes in the way you hydrate your body can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks and feels. With proper, consistent hydration, the overall elimination of toxins is expedited and your cells literally plump up from the inside out...get ready for moist, dewy skin!

Learn simple ways to detox and hydrate internally and externally.


The way we talk to ourselves has a measurable effect on our stress levels. That's why the way you approach facial massage matters: take the time to make it pleasurable. Listen to a podcast or watch an engaging, uplifting video while practicing. Rushing through it while telling yourself that you're falling behind on your to-do list will create unnecessary tension. Relax, breathe, and let the pressure drop.

Integrate an accessible, pleasurable approach to stress relief.

Restorative Touch

Facial muscles can become rigid as a result of repetitive expressions that are usually provoked by negative thinking. Compassionate self-touch is the key to unwinding unresolved emotional patterns that express themselves through the tissues. Your facial rejuvenation practice is an opportunity to offer yourself the healing balm of your own energy, underscoring your worthiness and unleashing your natural radiance.

Experience the power of your own healing touch.


  • Are you unhappy with the condition of your skin?
Our facial rejuvenation technique offers immediate results that continue to build over time. We also share simple, natural nutritional and beauty product tips to amplify the renewal of your skin.
  •  Are you frustrated with expensive products and procedures that fall short?
In just 3-5 weekly sessions, you can cleanse, soften, exfoliate, and tone your complexion with Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage and our proprietary organic cleansing cream. Each session will take about 20 minutes, the same amount of time it takes to cook a pot of quinoa!  
  • Are you afflicted with self-consciousness or shame? 
Just as you would nurture a child or a pet that has suffered from hurtful mistreatment, you will learn to foster a new bond of trust with your face. Incorporate regular, compassionate self-touch into your life. Put the brakes on negative self-talk. Allow your inner light to magnify the vibrancy of your new healthy skin. Our calming, centering, sensual methodology will support you in feeling and looking luminous.
  • Are you easily derailed by the needs of others, leaving little time for self-care?
Give yourself permission to put yourself first by developing new self-care habits with a community of committed like-minded women. Your facial features are your primary mode of self-expression; experience the value of nourishing your own countenance with a product and technique that feel so good, you won’t want to stop! Find an accountability partner to set goals with. Regular practice will solidify the course you set in motion. 
  • Do you long for more joy in your life?
Take responsibility for your healing. Joy will come. Align with the life force already flowing within you. Remove the obstacles that stand in the way of full self-expression. Lift up your sisters in your co-practices as you witness the changes in yourselves and each other. The data is already there: When women thrive, everyone thrives. Let’s put it into practice. This is our time.


“An easy and sweet regimen that I truly recommend. It’s a feel-good, look-great supplement to my daily routine, like vitamins for my complexion. The improvement to my neck, jowls, and jawline keeps me at it almost daily. Try it!”

~P.L. Tobin

“I have been faithfully doing The Metafacial for years, and I just wouldn’t be without it. I started out with acne and large pores, and it didn’t take long for those problems to resolve. A lot of my friends who are my age are scheduling plastic surgery, but my skin is in such good shape that I just don’t feel the need.” ~Sandra Cummings