The luxurious, organic cleansing cream that Pyrrha developed was specifically designed to glide upon the surface of the skin, softening without dragging. 

Although its main purpose is to enhance the rejuvenating effects of Pyrrha's Metafacial Massage™, Pyrrha's Rose Cleansing Cream also works beautifully as an eye makeup remover/simple cleanser. Dry skin is no match for this potent formula! Replace soap and gel cleansers with Pyrrha's and watch your complexion bloom.

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TWO Ways to Use

our finely crafted formula...

Every Day Cleansing

for moist, supple skin...

To use Pyrrha’s Rose Cleansing Cream as a simple cleanser, replacing soap and gel cleansers:

1) Apply a half teaspoon (at most!) of product to face and neck, using light, feathery strokes (see video for guidelines).

2) Remove product with a warm, wet washcloth, working gently.

3) Rinse the cloth out very well.

4) Remove any leftover product.

5) Rinse the cloth out very well.

6) Remove product residue for the last time; follow with toner if desired and then apply your favorite serums, moisturizers, etc.

Nightly use will cost about $1.50 per application. This product is concentrated. Use only enough cream to get a good glide on the surface of the face and neck.

"I NEVER write reviews but the results I feel from Pyrrha’s Rose Cleansing Cream are immediate and visible, like magic!  The cream is nourishing, stimulating, AND calming all at the same time.  It's a game changer." 
~ B. Davis

Facial Rejuvenation

from aging to ageless...

To use Pyrrha’s Rose Cleansing Cream for facial massage/rejuvenation:

Pyrrha’s Metafacial Massage™ is a facial rejuvenation method created by Pyrrha Malouf, author of Metamassage. 

Pyrrha’s gentle cleansing cream and technique revitalize the skin by removing impurities, boosting circulation, and retraining the facial muscles. 

The process takes a total of approximately 20 minutes and must be practiced at least three times per week. The amount of cream for each 20-minute session will cost $3-4, less than half the price of a quality sheet mask. Although the protocol is very specific, it is easy to learn and deeply relaxing. The healing nurturance of self-care is at the core of this practice. Conscious, consistent application of your energy is the power that produces results comparable to cosmetic procedures. As you methodically glide Pyrrha's cream over the surface of your skin, years of mental/emotional weight and their resulting facial patterns will melt away.

Nodiah Brent, Master Instructor of Pyrrha's Metafacial Massage™ teaches online workshops on this transformational practice.


"...Anytime the topic of skin care arises in conversation, that’s it … everything I've learned about this protocol gets talked about, texted, emailed, and shared. I cannot say enough ~ yum yum yum!!"

~A. Hackett


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