...and the revolution is alive and well: More women are committing to a serious self-care practice than ever before. And better yet, just about every woman I talk to is on a healing path centered around resolving past trauma. Some are motivated by physical ailments that resist treatment; others notice a general lack of joy in their lives and refuse to settle for an accelerated decline. 

As women, we often underestimate our need for healing. We've internalized the minute-by-minute adjustments that we make in order to live in a world where our safety is under-prioritized, our rights are up for grabs, and our basic needs are ignored or minimized; managing those accommodations can take up the space we need to assess our actual well-being. Our resilience and our proclivity for community provide support, but we may need more targeted approaches in order to heal our deepest wounds.

Statistics indicate that 52% of women over age 18 are unmarried, separated, or divorced. Most of the women I know who fit into this category have been unable to attend to their own issues in the midst of their relationship roles; habitual codependency has been a factor. Although co-habitational relationships can offer invaluable practice in transforming patterns that come with codependency, some of us require solitude in order to understand and integrate the basic principles of individuation. As we grow into sovereignty, we gain a broader vantage point from which we can build relationships of healthy mutuality.  

It takes courage to recognize and claim our worth. Like everything worth pursuing, it's a practice, a work in progress. And more and more people are moving in this direction. What we see as chaos in the world might simply be the product of a burgeoning awareness of our human potential and the necessity for equal opportunities to actualize it...in other words, re-evolution.

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